Thunder Rocker Switch Blue Winch MOM ON-OFF-MOM ON

31st October 2019

$33.72 incl. GST

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A rocker switch for every occasion (or ever growing collection of equipment!). Thunder’s range of illuminated switches will make sure you turn on the right equipment when you need it. Each with a 20A, 12/24V draw, a Thunder rocker switch offers a twin action and blue backlit icons for easy identification. The range allows you to select power to:

Voltage: 12/24 Volts
Range: 20 Amp @ 12 Volts
Mounting Hole: 21mm x 37mm
No. of Poles: 1
No. of Positions: 3
No. of Terminals: 6
Display: Blue LED

Additional information

Weight 37 g
Dimensions 12 × 3 × 7 cm