VAL ATV 10W40 1L

31st October 2019

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All terrain vehicles place demands on oil that automotive oils are not designed to handle. The wet clutch system, high torque and loads, and the extreme operating environments of ATVs require special properties for proper performance and protection. Valvoline formulated its ATV oil to meet the specific demands of ATV applications, providing the necessary frictional properties for the wet clutch system, and the film strength for high running temperatures

Specially formulated to provide peak ATV performance and protection.

  • Contains a balance of additives for maximum horsepower
  • Formulated with special antioxidants to protect engine from combustion by products.
  • Provides wet clutch protection.
  • Thermally stable formula maintains lubrication under extreme conditions

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Weight 946 g
Dimensions 22 × 10 × 5 cm