31st October 2019

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HP LS Gear Oils are formulated to meet the requirements of spin resistant (Limited Slip) differentials.This limited slip differential oil contains a unique friction modifier, as well as an Extreme Pressure additive package, making this fluid suitable for use in hypoid differentials that operating under severe conditions. Available in SAE 90 and SAE 140 grades and both these oils are recommended for refill or top-up of limited slip type differentials and normal hypoid type differentials.

Suitable for gearboxes in both high speed and high torque applications.

  • HP LS Gear Oils fight the major causes of gear failures –deposits, rust and wear.
  • Additive system provides shudder free operation, smooth, non stick slip operation.
  • The advanced Extreme Pressure additive ensures maximum wear protection and enhances component life.
  • Wide operating range delivers enhanced component durability and protection.
  • The advanced Anti-wear additive system ensures maximum wear protection and enhances component life.

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Weight 946 g
Dimensions 22 × 10 × 5 cm