31st October 2019

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Automatic Transmission Fluid DX-3 is a premium automatic transmission fluid specially formulated to meet the needs of today’s more compact transmissions, running at higher operating temperatures and with electronic control.

Automatic Transmission Fluid DX-3 is recommended for use in automatic transmissions, where the manufacturer prescribes a GM Dexron IIE, Dexron III, or Ford Mercon fluid.

high quality, friction modified lubricant qualified by both GM and Ford.

  • Resists thickenging due to high temperature.
  • Meets new tests for wear protection and shudder resistance.
  • Greater friction stability to help maintain consistent shift peformance.
  • Helps provide smooth shift performance where DEXRON III is specified.
Not for service use where Type F and M2C 33F and G Type Fluids are specified. It is not suitable for Mitsubishi front wheel drive automatic transmissions.

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